Often, students encounter problems in solving Mathematics problems.  They do not know how to start, are not sure of how to approach it and are totally confused over the different methods taught.  Often, they do not know which method to apply.

The objective of our Mathematics Tuition Classes is to help students overcome their fears for Mathematics, and master the basic and common mathematical concepts often required in solving mathematical problems.  Students will learn how to handle, overcome and solve Mathematics problems thus boosting their confidence in Mathematics.

Why are our Mathematics Tuition classes effective?


  1.  We use the familiar Heuristic Approach such as Model Drawing, Diagrams, Guess and Check and Making Assumptions in solving mathematical problems.
  2. We make solving Mathematical problems systematic and easy to understand thus improving students’ confidence and performance in Mathematics.
  3. We build students’ analytical skills and strengthen their understanding of mathematical concepts, not rote-learning.


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