Holiday Classes in Singapore 2021

November-December Holiday Classes 2021

November – December 2021

The year-end school holidays are just around the corner in Singapore.  This year, they run from 20 November to 31 December.  If you are not travelling, why not plan some meaningful and fun activities for your child? Check out our Science,  Robotics and Mathematics holiday classes.  They are sure to bring some holiday cheer to your child.

Participants in Science Holiday Classes

The Wonder of Science

The Wonder of Science holiday classes engage kids through exploration and discovery to spark their interest in Science. Kids will build projects and conduct experiments to learn the science concepts behind each activity. There are four topics to choose from:

1) Mousetrap Racer

2) Water Wizardry

3) Colours

4) Crawler-Bot Challenge

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Robotics Holiday Classes

Robotics for Kids

Do you know that playing with robotics allows children to develop observation, reasoning, prediction, critical thinking and problem-solving skills? In our Robotics for Kids class, participants will learn to program using simple graphical language to design, build and program various robotics projects.

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Calculator for Mathematics Holiday Classes

2022 Mathematics Holiday Classes

Get a headstart to 2022 Mathematics.  Join our Mathematics Holiday Classes to build up competency, confidence and, critical thinking skills and be equipped with problem-solving strategies and tools to ACE in Mathematics!

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