Holiday Classes in Singapore 2021

November-December Holiday Classes 2021

November – December 2021

The year-end school holidays are just around the corner in Singapore.  This year, they run from 20 November to 31 December.  If you are not travelling, why not plan some meaningful and fun activities for your child? Check out our Science,  Robotics and Mathematics holiday classes.  They are sure to bring some holiday cheer to your child.


Participants in Science Holiday Classes

The Wonder of Science

The Wonder of Science holiday classes engage kids through exploration and discovery to spark their interest in Science. Kids will build projects and conduct experiments to learn the science concepts behind each activity. There are four topics to choose from:

1) Mousetrap Racer

2) Water Wizardry

3) Colours

4) Crawler-Bot Challenge

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Robotics Holiday Classes

Robotics for Kids

Do you know that playing with robotics allows children to develop observation, reasoning, prediction, critical thinking and problem-solving skills? In our Robotics for Kids class, participants will learn to program using simple graphical language to design, build and program various robotics projects.

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Calculator for Mathematics Holiday Classes

2022 Mathematics Holiday Classes

Get a headstart to 2022 Mathematics.  Join our Mathematics Holiday Classes to build up competency, confidence and, critical thinking skills and be equipped with problem-solving strategies and tools to ACE in Mathematics!

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Year-end School Holiday Activities

The November-December school holidays 2020 are here again! Take time to bond with family, friends and loved ones. Although we are unable to do so like how most of us would usually do by going on a holiday overseas, there are plenty of things we can still do as we cautiously head out in Singapore.

Activities for Kids

For fun, engaging and educational activities for kids ages 6 – 12, check out Kaesac Learning Centre’s school holiday programmes. The STEAM (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)-based programmes aim to make holiday activities not only fun, they will ignite the interests of kids in these areas.

Some of the school holiday programmes include building a walking dinosaur to take home, making an obstacle course for little crawlie bots, engineering a ping-pong ball launcher, building a claw machine, robotics, combining art and science to create light-up cards and designing cool video games.

Activities to do as a Family

There are many holiday activities to choose from to do as a family. Besides sending your children to holiday classes, many of them can be done as a family. The best thing is, some won’t even cost a cent!

You can visit the many museums in Singapore, some are, actually free for Singaporeans and permanent residents all year round. There are the kids-friendly Asian Civilisations Museum, the National Museum of SingaporeNational Gallery SingaporeMalay Heritage Centre, Indian Heritage CentreSun Yat-Sen Nanyang Memorial HallAir Force Museum and Singapore Sports Museum.

Or go on a hike in many trails around the public parks in Singapore. Many are kids friendly.  Some are great for beginners and, others are off the beaten path, for those who enjoy a bit of excitement.

Alternatively, you can also spend a day scooting or cycling, from one park to another. Many parks are now interconnected by park connectors. For the adventurous, you can explore the mountain bike parks at Punggol’s Coney Island, Bukit Timah, Pulau Ubin and Chestnut Nature Park.

Whether it is going hiking, scooting or biking, the activity is not only free, it is also good exercise. Visit NParks for a complete list of some super cool ways to escape from our urban jungle.

Want to beat the heat in Singapore’s hot and humid weather? A visit to the FREE water parks may be a good idea. There is Clusia Cove at Jurong Lake GardensSplash-n-Surf at Singapore Sports Hub, Far East Organization Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay and many other waterplay parks at various shopping malls around Singapore.

There you have it! With so many school holiday activities you can do in Singapore, have fun but do remember, STAY SAFE!

March Holiday Programmes – Mathematics Classes

Mathematics Holiday Programmes.  A great opportunity to pick up some effective problem-solving strategies to conquer routine and non-routine problem-sums.  Sign-up today.  Call: 64781228