School Holiday Programmes

Want to have some fun during the school holidays?  Join our exciting activities-based School Holiday Programmes!

Our School Holiday programmes are carefully crafted to provide an enriching and exciting learning experience for children to spark their interest in STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.  Learning comes alive through hands-on activities, experiments, exploration and discovery in a stress-free environment.

For a fun and enjoyable learning experience, choose from any of the following programmes for November/ December 2020:

Science : Dino-Bot, Go Crawlie-Bot Go, Genius Inventor

Technology : Robotics, Design and Build Video-games

Engineering : High Flag Waver, The Claw Machine

Arts : Our Beautiful World, Light-up Cards!

Mathematics : Get Ready for Yr 2021 Mathematics (P1 – P6)

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** Our holiday programmes can also be “Custom Fit” for organisations or schools.  We welcome your enquiries.  Call us at: 6478-1228 or Send your request to: **

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